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My Night with "The King"

I had the joy of "working" when in reality this momma got out of the house for a concert! Mark Berger is famous (or should I say infamous, Mark?) for his tribute artist routine. For many decades Mark roamed about singing Elvis songs he grew up with in his grandmother's home. He recently (after much persuasion from past fans) came out of retirement and grew in those sideburns once again! He wanted to come back in style, and in true Elvis form, he arrived in a limo with bouncers, backup singers/dancers, security, music members and a full film crew (I think you know who that might be...). So, while I was filming this talented man, I may have gotten a little into the mood. I have heard tale that there is cell phone footage out there of me dancing a bit behind my camera and dolly. *blush* Thanks for the opportunity Mark. I enjoyed EVERY minute of it!

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