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Here are a few fun "odds & ends,"  for serious inquiries Brockstar Videos

has sample DVDs available...

"Beginning of a Beautiful Day"

What a day this was!  I think the hardest part of of filming this bride's day was deciding what footage to say 'goodbye' to, there was sooo much to drink in visually.  This young lady had thought of everything!

"A Love Story"

High School sweethearts.  Their story told in their words for family and friends.  This was used as a "Save the Date" but would make a great Rehearsal Dinner film as well.


The "awww factor" is definately included in the package!

"Trash the Dress"

How do I even start to describe the pure fun this was?


We went for a cinematic and dramatic opening but this bride's genuine, fun-loving spirit was soon the captivating feature!  Watch the white gown go for a dunk in the waves!

"Getting Ready"

This was one organized bride! Here morning routine was unbelievable. She thought of everything.  Including put her feet up and have a bite to eat.


Probably for the best as most brides seem to miss a bite or two at the reception!  All those kisses and such.

They're the Men...the Groomsmen

This was a great group of guys.  In order to catch the moment, but give it a masculine edge, I avoided the florishes and glamour.  Something a little more rugged to capture the preparation was in order...

Here Comes the Bride!

This bride was such a beauty that I just had to give her the classical Hollywood glamour treatment.  I really enjoyed filming her as she got ready for her walk down the aisle.

Addicted to Your Love!

Each couple has their own beat.  These two amazing people were so much fun to work with and really let their love for each other show.

"Save the Date" Parody

This couple had a great sense of humor.  After hearing their "love story," I approach them with an idea of creating a parody of eHarmony...telling each person's version of how it all happened.  This was used to let other's know what date to save and also as a fun show during the rehearsal dinner.

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