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"Kristi, Words could never thank you enough. We are so blessed to have these videos to treasure forever. They are beautiful. I think we have cried more watching them than at the ceremony. So powerful! Thank you for sharing your amazing blessing with us."​
-Olivia & Jeff B. (Bride & Groom)
"Dear Kristi!!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful work on the interviews during the Dissonance Red Carpet Event! Your work speaks for itself!!!! Great cinematography, cutting, music! You are a true professional! Thank you!"
             -Natasha Fissiak, (Producer/Director)
"I just want to say that the video looks amazing. You did an amazing job Britt and I are so happy with the work. I look forward making more videos with you."
   Kassam Garcia, (The Marque Club) 
"Let me start by saying, Wow, you went above and beyond on the wedding
video!  Excellent work, we never expected such a beautiful wedding
        -Eric C., Houston, TX


​"I love it! You are fantastic! Way to go Brockstar!!!"
                                 -Cynthia T., Spring, TX
"This is Amazing. I love How you put it all together and the music. Nice! You're really good!"
       -Mykle McCoslin (Acting Coach)
        Film Acting Academy
​"Love the video - the music matches the action well!"
       -Melissa D., Spokane, WA
"Kristi did a wonderful job putting all of this together. Very excited!"
        -Stacy M., Katy, TX
         (Mother of singer Macy Medford)
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