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Miscellaneous Events

You name it...we'll film it!

Video Christmas Greeting

A nice change from the standard one photo to sum up the year.  Let family see those kids in action!

9th Birthday Party

Followed this young man on his special day.  A martial arts/dodgeball party.  Parents smoked the kids!

Red carpet event to celebrate the primere of Jonathan Luke's latest music video along with the screening of award winning "DISSoNANCE."  Local celebrities attended.

The Marque- Red Carpet

Warrior Dash 2013

A story of perseverance or stubborness.

Singer Macy Medford

A rising star out of Katy, TX.  Before the age of 16, she already held numerous awards including Pop Artist of the Year Nominee for 2011.

Pinewood Derby 2013

Cub Scout Yearly Event.

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